Get your teen started on a new smile with braces in Palm Beach Gardens

Start Your Teen’s New Smile This Summer With Braces

If you have teenagers, they’re in the perfect time of life to get braces. And with the school year winding down and summer ahead of us, right now is the perfect time of the year to look into getting your teen started on their new smile. 

Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Start Orthodontic Treatment

Let’s face it, getting started with braces takes some getting used to. While the results of treatment are well worth it, your teen will need to adjust to food restrictions and a new oral hygiene regimen. With school going on, they have quite a bit to deal with as it is, so adding braces during school can prove to be a bit tricky sometimes. 

During the summer, things are far more relaxed for teens, and they can start braces without the stressful environment of school. This way, they can get used to cleaning their teeth every day, figure out which meals work best for them, and get over some of the initial discomfort of braces. When it comes time to go back to school, they’ll be settled into their braces routine, making the transition much easier. 

Starting orthodontic treatment in the summer is particularly helpful for teens who play wind or brass instruments in the school band. Braces can make playing these instruments a little difficult at first, but with some practice, they will get used to it. And by the time they need to be ready to audition or perform, they’ll have no problem playing to their full potential. 

Best Orthodontic Treatment Options for Teens

Teens today have it far better when it comes to braces compared to even just a decade ago. Braces are now less obtrusive and less visible, even traditional silver braces. However, there are lots of great options to help your teen stay confident while in treatment, including ceramic braces

This option is just as effective as conventional braces but has ceramic brackets that are clear or match the color of your teeth. This makes them significantly less visible while providing the same level of orthodontic correction. 

Your teen can also have fun with their braces, especially with unique options like Mascot Braces. They can support their favorite team and enjoy showing off their cool smile to their friends. Also, they can choose colored elastic ligatures based on the holiday season or if they want to match their school colors. 

The least visible option available for your teen is the Invisalign Clear Aligner system, which uses plastic to align teeth instead of brackets and wires. Not only will this option keep their smile looking clean, it will also be much easier to get used to. The Invisalign Teen system also comes with unique features, like progress indicators and extra replacement aligners, to help teens finish their treatment in time. 

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