Mascot Braces®


What Are Mascot Braces?

Mascot Braces by WildSmiles® is your way of representing your favorite sports team. Each bracket comes in the shape of your team’s mascot, making you the ultimate team fanatic. We have access to over a dozen different college teams, which you can see  on the Mascot Braces website.

Like WildSmiles, Mascot Braces are composed of medical-grade steel, just like silver or gold braces. You’re receiving the same comprehensive treatment, the only difference is the creativity involved.


Benefits of Mascot Braces

In addition to being able to be your team's biggest fan by wearing your spirit on your teeth, you are also going to be working toward your spectacular smile.

When you decide to get Mascot Braces, you’re getting the same high-quality care as you would with any orthodontic treatment because these braces were designed by a licensed orthodontist. Your treatment duration will also remain unaffected, allowing you to straighten your teeth in a reasonable amount of time.

Adding an exciting twist to your braces enhances the patient experience and will make you feel proud of your smile instead of self-conscious. You can learn more about Mascot Braces by scheduling a free exam at Crescent Orthodontic Specialists today.

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