Silver Braces


How Silver Braces Work

While there are many options for orthodontic treatment these days, the majority of tweens and teens, and quite a few adults, still go with original silver braces. Metal braces are made with stainless steel because it is cost-effective, it can withstand the extreme pressure of correcting the toughest orthodontic issues, and it will never rust.

Each bracket is attached to a tooth using a safe, orthodontic adhesive that will not cause damage during the treatment or when the braces are removed. Archwires are then attached to each bracket using a small elastic band, or ligature. The tension of these wires is what gradually moves the teeth into their proper positions.

Bands may also be strung between the top and bottom jaws to correct bites issues.

Personalize Your Braces

Even though silver braces are the most traditional option for braces, that doesn’t mean you can’t still express yourself by personalizing them. Different colored elastic ties can be added to brighten up your smile and change up the look of your metal braces. We also offer WildSmiles® and Mascot Braces®, with fun-shaped brackets to provide even more creative options.

Traditional silver braces can be a great option for you. They provide the most cost-effective treatment and are the best way to fix severe orthodontic issues.

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