Invisalign® Complete

Invisalign Complete from orthodontist in Palm Beach Gardens

Why Invisalign Complete Might Be Right for You

Invisalign Complete offers the most extensive treatment of all of the Invisalign types. It can fix mild to moderate crowding issues, as well as some bite problems, all without brackets or wires.

The clear, plastic aligners used with Invisalign Complete won’t interfere with your lifestyle because they are removable and almost invisible. Your treatment, which will last 7 to 28 months, will be over before you know it because Invisalign Complete is just that easy.

How Much Does Invisalign Complete Cost?

Invisalign Complete is the most powerful Invisalign treatment available, so it does cost more than Invisalign Lite or Express. But we offer this amazing system for only $3995, the same cost as traditional braces.

Invisalign Complete may also be partially covered by your insurance, reducing the cost even more. To find out, be sure to bring your insurance information with you to your free exam and we will see what coverage is available.

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