Invisalign® Lite


How Long Does Invisalign Lite Take?

Invisalign Lite uses the same technology and clear aligners as Invisalign Complete. The difference is Invisalign Lite treats less serious issues in a shorter amount of time. The Invisalign Lite treatment time is 6 months or less, which means less cost and fewer follow-up appointments.

What Invisalign Lite Can Fix

Invisalign Lite is designed to fix mild orthodontic issues such as minor crowding. Unlike Invisalign Express, it has the ability to move any tooth in your mouth, including molars, but is not as strong as Invisalign Complete.

Our Invisalign Lite cost is only $2995, making it less expensive than braces, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right treatment for you. Be sure to talk to our staff about your options and base your decision on what treatment will give you the best end result, not just cost the least.

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