Colourful brackets and rubberbands with WildSmiles

Express Your Style with WildSmiles Braces

As a parent, you are likely familiar with the challenge of getting your kids excited about different things that are good for them. It takes some creativity to get your kids to eat nutritious food, engage in physical activity, or do their chores.

Similarly, your kids likely aren’t too thrilled at the idea of getting braces. While you can tell them all about the benefits of getting braces, they still may be anxious about the process. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get kids excited about orthodontic treatment, including WildSmiles.

What Are WildSmiles Braces?

When you think of traditional silver braces, you likely picture plain, square metal brackets. While braces have come like this for a long time, that’s hardly the only option available for your kids. WildSmiles was founded on the idea that kids can actually get excited about orthodontic treatment rather than seeing it as intimidating or “uncool.”

Thanks to WildSmiles, your kids can use their time in braces to get creative and express their style. Rather than simply using conventional bracket shapes, your kids can customize their smile by choosing from an assortment of fun brackets. The shapes include various sports balls, flowers, hearts, stars, and diamonds. Your kids can choose one shape or mix and match their favorites for their own custom look. They’ll have a blast picking out their favorite shapes and discovering their braces will be anything but boring.

Benefits of WildSmiles

While you may be worried about the fun factor affecting the treatment process or outcome, you can put these worries aside. Brackets on braces merely serve as anchors for the archwire and ligatures, making their shape relatively inconsequential as long as they don’t get in the way and are properly secured to the teeth.

WildSmiles braces are designed to change only the appearance of the front of your child’s braces without affecting their braces. They will also be just as easy to clean, allowing them to practice great oral hygiene and keep their teeth healthy. This means you can expect the same great results at the end of the treatment process.

Mascot Braces

WildSmiles also offers other ways to get creative with braces. Your kids can support their favorite team with Mascot Braces by selecting brackets that feature the team mascot. There’s a wide variety of options available.

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