kids getting bullied for braces? That's a thing of the past now. With the customization options and social responses

Do Kids Get Bullied for Having Braces?

Braces as we know them today have been around for many decades, although significant changes have been made. One of the many aspects of braces that has changed over the years is how common they are. While it used to be only a small percentage of kids would get braces, it is now something to be expected as a child enters their pre-teen or teen years. However, many parents still worry about their kids getting bullied if they get braces.

Braces and Teasing

If you had braces during school, you may be worried for your kids if they start orthodontic treatment. Perhaps you were bullied yourself or you simply remember the social stigma of having braces when you were a kid. However, braces today are quite a bit different compared to what they used to be.

Even conventional silver braces are more subtle now due to advancements in orthodontic technology. Between the fact that orthodontic treatment is becoming more common and braces are less noticeable than ever, kids are less likely to experience bullying because of their braces than in previous years.

Still, your kids may be apprehensive about getting braces. Even if bullying kids for having braces isn’t as common as it used to be, that worry will likely still be there. One way you can help encourage your kids to get excited about braces is to fill them in on all the ways they can have fun with their braces.

Ways for Kids to Have Fun with Braces

There are more ways than ever for kids to express their style and personality through their braces. One of the best ways is with WildSmiles. This collection of unique brackets lets kids mix and match fun shapes like sports balls, stars, diamonds, flowers, and more.

Your kids can also choose colored ligatures, or elastic bands, for their braces. They can choose their favorite colors or change them during appointments for specific themes, such as holiday colors or showing their school spirit for big games.

Subtle Options for Braces

There are ways your kids can get straight teeth without metal braces. Ceramic braces are just as effective as traditional silver braces. However, instead of the noticeable silver color, they are made from a high-strength ceramic that is clear or about the same color as their teeth.

Invisalign is hands down the least visible option for orthodontic treatment. Made from medical-grade plastic, this orthodontic treatment solution is completely clear. This way, your kids will have a clean-looking smile during the course of their treatment. Invisalign is also a more convenient option since the aligners are removable. Invisalign Teen is perfect for teenagers since it comes with six free replacement aligners and offers a feature to keep your kids accountable.

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